The Akanishi Jin fanlisting has been online since August 8, 2008. As of November 2011, this fanlisting covers Akanishi as both a musician and actor ★ I'd like to thank Jac & Rene, for letting me adopt the Actors portion of the fanlisting ♥

The title is named after the KAT-TUN song Butterfly, which was co-written by Akanishi and Ueda Tatsuya ♪ Butterflies are beautiful and delicate creatures, and they have a worldly image to them~ which I think fits Akanishi perfectly :3 And as they say with the butterfly effect, Akanishi definitely has the power to affect fangirls halfway around the world XD ★

The design features a scan from the Duet March 2008 magazine. Since Yamapi and Akanishi are best friends in real life, I wanted the design to match Yamapi's layout, so most of the style and colors were borrowed over :3 But I don't think Pi will mind~ ♪


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